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LightForce Braces

The team at Bright Orthodontics believes that everyone deserves the most efficient, effective, and comfortable treatment possible. That is why we are excited to offer our patients LightForce Braces!

LightForce is the world’s only provider of 3D printed braces. LightForce 3D-printing technology enables the Dr. Veit to tailor braces to each patient’s unique dental anatomy and treatment plan. Recent studies have shown that brackets customized to a patient’s anatomy increase treatment efficiency and reduce treatment time by an average of 37%!

LightForce Braces introduce an individualized approach to orthodontic treatment, providing 100% customized braces based on the patient’s anatomy. While traditional braces use pre-made brackets, LightForce brackets are 3D-printed exclusively for your smile. LightForce brackets are designed with patient comfort in mind. The polycrystalline material and custom base provide the necessary strength in a low-profile bracket designed to minimize contact with soft tissues.

The planning process for LightForce Braces is entirely digital, so there are no uncomfortable impressions or plaster models to deal with. When you schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Veit, he will complete a comprehensive digital scan of your teeth. This scan will then be used to design custom brackets for each individual tooth. These made-to-order brackets can be placed wherever they’re needed on the teeth, giving Dr. Veit total control over the movements they make. This makes treatment faster and more efficient than it is with traditional braces.

LightForce brackets are not only light…they are also translucent. LightForce Braces are a more aesthetic option that blends in with the color of your teeth.

Give your smile the attention it deserves with LightForce Braces! Call our office to schedule you LightForce Braces consultation today!


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